My Most Viewed Films on Netflix Instant

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

I do prefer getting DVD’s so I can watch the movies on a TV (bigger screen).  But when writing film articles I have found it quite convenient to be able to watch films whenever I want without having to wait for discs to arrive.  I looked over my Netflix  Instant preferences and I counted my most viewed movies on Netflix Instant.

 10. Runaway Bride– I actually own this movie, but getting it up on my computer takes so much less time than fishing the DVD out of my collection.  This is one of Garry Marshall’s best and it is a relaxing film.

 9. The Lorax– I own this one too, but I watch it on Netflix for the same reason as number 10.  This is one of the better kid’s movies that has come out lately and the music cheers me up.

 8. One for the Money– Ditto 10 and 9.  I have been reading Janet Evanovich’s books for years and while this movie would have been far better if made for television, and made the book series seem far more commercial than it was (I blame casting Katherine Heigl), it got the Janet stamp of approval so I watch it when I’m in the mood for Stephanie Plum.

 7. Manhattan– The Woody Allen series I’m working on now has been long in the works, when I first got the idea for the project I watched this movie with plans to use it in my originally only one article (rather than a saga).  I didn’t get into it at first, but by the 2nd viewing I did, and by the 3rd I  loved it.  That number of viewings got it a spot on this list.

 6. Thor– I love that most of the movies that go into the Avengers series are on Netflix Instant.  That’s probably what motivated me to ever watch them since I originally didn’t care.  But now of course I’m into that series.

 5. Broadway Danny Rose– This film is actually no longer on Netflix Instant.  But when it was I watched it a lot.  Before my Woody Allen saga got me decently knowledgeable of Woody Allen, this was the first of his earlier films that I loved instantly.  It took getting to know Woody better to like his earlier films faster.

 4. Kissing Jessica Stein– Not only is this film and number 3 coming up both Jennifer Westfeldt movies, but I own them also!  But I’m so lazy that even my love of them won’t make me look for them in my extensive collection.  Her other film either is or at least was on Netflix Instant, but I prefer this and number 3 more.

 3. Friends with Kids– I bought this before it came on Instant for more than I’d usually spend on a movie.  So when it came on Instant I felt like a failure.  Westfeldt’s other movies were on Instant, why wouldn’t this be?  Ugh.  But it is an awesome movie so whether I’m watching it on Instant or disc, it is worth it.

 2. No Strings Attached– I’m embarrassed to watch this as much as I do.  But it is such an easy film to watch.  And the better version of this storyline Friends with Benefits isn’t on Instant, so this has to do.  Not saying either of those films are great, but they are easy to watch and I can multi-task during them.

 1. Puccini for Beginners– I’ve mentioned this before, quite recently.  I don’t think I will ever stop loving this movie.  A perfect movie to me is one where I not only love the story, but EVERY single character.  Since I’ve yet to find a DVD copy of this movie, Netflix Instant has been my savior of sorts.

 Some patterns in this list are: 6 take place in New York, two are lesbian films, two are Jennifer Westfeldt movies, and 2 are Woody Allen films.  Although despite those patterns affecting my Netflix Instant preferences, all I did was watch Scream movies 1-4 one day, and there are many entire category suggestions that have to do with Horror, one of my lesser viewed genres.  Well alrighty then.

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